1984 Electrical Sundial [Thomas Nugent] PERVERSIONES NATURALES

El británico Thomas Nugent genera un reloj de sol artificial en el Hall de unión entre dios edificios reconvertidos a hotel... Perversiones Naturales!

"The function as well as the symbolic importance of the hall is emphasised by a special installation called Electrical Sundial which is located in the waiting area of the hall. A frame carrying a cadenza profile spotlight in the ceiling moves around an axis at a speed of one full circle per 12 hours. The shadow of a marble obelisk in the centre of the area shows the exact time on a floor dial; the obelisk is surrounded by four groups of seats. A spotlight is fixed above each group of seats. There is also a space-frame cupola above the main diagonal frame with seven boxes of fibre optics used to imitate stars and clouds. Electrical Sundial, like a traditional clock, is intended to be a convenient place for friends to meet""

Nugent, Thomas. "Interior of Hotel Waiting Area" en: AD Profile nº52 British Architecture, 1984, p.13.

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