1978/1981 Pensacola Place II Apartment Project [Stanley Tigerman] Bizarre Columns XXX

"Actually the group forms an interesting urban hybrid: part perimeter block raised on a deck, part shopping mall with town houses, and part apartment slab. The mixed type is again superior in Tigerman's monolithic block of 1971-1974 and gives a sense of domesticity, even if a diagrammatic one. What is Tigerman finally representing? The archetypal townhouse, the fundamental temenos for living in the city and, most quizically, the billboard temple, the oddity that balconies can become Ionic columns. This is hardly yet a humanism, or a serious representational programme, but it forms a pretext for a primitive ornament and urban discourse between types" (Charles Jencks, 1983, p.78)

Jencks, Charles (guest editor): AD Profile nº48 Abstract-Representation, 1983, p.78.

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