1982 708 House [Eric Owen Moss] BIZARRE COLUMNS XXXI

"A 600 square foot expansion of a 1948 one story wood frame and stucco Case Study House.
Three parallel, load bearing walls were extended vertically to accommodate a second floor.  The original roof, pitched slightly to west and east, was left in place.  The peak of this erstwhile roof determined the height of the new second floor.  The original roof profile repeats as the roof line of the second story.  A new stair along the north wall connects old with new through
an opening punched in the north-east corner of the living room.
The addition provides a large bedroom opening east to the view, and three ancillary storage/bathroom spaces on the west.
The structure is a wood frame with stucco exterior and drywall interior.
Several critical features should be noted:
Flying Buttresses:  The entrance to the house is framed with two buttresses of identical shape laid one over the other.  The first is of wood and plaster, painted blue; the second bolted to the first is of perforated 20 gauge steel, painted green, set in a hard-wood frame.  Aside from defining the path to the door, the buttresses gently caricature the role of structure in building, a role modernism deified.
Flying Door:  The buttresses incline toward a large, rectangular windowed box"

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