1979 1980 "The Earth, the Temple and the Goods" [Robert A.M. Stern] Buildings for BEST Products Exhibition.

"The standard Best Products building is a box whose purpose is to supply the objects that are demanded by and in part define the lives of those who live out a version of the American Dream- a version in which material possessions, once the objects of religious sacrifice, now serve to mark out rituals of daily life. To a considerable extent our household goods have become our household gods; our markets, temples of consumerism. In designing a facade for Best, we have undertaken to tell the story of this transformation of values in a witty way, and to describe the cycle of life to which it bears witness"

Stern, Robert A.M: " The Earth, the Temple and the Goods " en: "Buildings for Best Products", Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1979, p.26-29.

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