TIME CAPSULE #22 The work Table / Chara Stergiou

Autor: Chara Stergiou

Nombre de la Cápsula: The work table

Comunidad a la que representa: PERSONAL

Coordenadas exactas de su ubicación: Everywhere there’s a table and a work disposition

Descripción:  Finding the personal autism, through a time section.

Le detournement de l’archetype des meubles.

While using a table, in terms of ‘’work’’ [meaning personal or non personal, work on personal meditation, work on any matter that affects in any way the dispositions of a human being], we can say we are diving deeper into situations, constructing in this way our personal section through time. In this term, the archetype of ‘’meubles’’, an ‘’objet quotidien’’, the oldest host of the everyday practice, starts to signify something else  which is out of his evident purpose. It becomes a machine of representation. A representation that takes place in this personal time section that one creates. Since the body of desires is composed by an image, we can say that while searching for desire, we basically seek for a representation. Participating into a ‘working’ process, the ‘’work table’’ becomes an apparatus of representation, sometimes a field ambitious to host one’s autism, a field of viewing or constructing a world. It constructs a personal isolated paradise or hell , sited out of the common perceptions of time. The only thing to do is to be positive to dive deeper.

Notable to say that in the core of the work-table (an apparatus itself) we come upon smaller apparatuses, result’s of one’s everyday practice, obsessions, personal history . Generally of one’s disposition upon this field, this limited territory.

Cómo es y Qué contiene:

It could be any table. It could contain any object .

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