1977 BEST Products Notch Showroom. Sacramento, California [SITE Architects]

"A 1977 project in Sacramento, called the Notch showroom, continued SITE's use of fragmentation and subtraction. As James Wines describes it: The basic showroom prototype remains unchanged again using architecture as the subject matter or raw material of art, rather than the objective of a design process. In this case the building is penetrated by a 14' high raw-edge notch which serves as a main entranceway. The 45-ton wedge extracted from this gap is mounted on a rail system incised into the paving and mechanized to move a distance of 40' to open and close the showroom. Understandably, crowds of spectators assemble to watch the morning opening and evening closing "
(Arthur Drexler, 1979, p.10)

Drexler, Arthur: "Introduction" en: "Buildings for Best Products", Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1979, p.10.

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