1975 BEST Products Indeterminate Facade Showroom. Houston, Texas [SITE Architects]

"The next project, a showroom in Houston completed in 1975, was rather more drastic. James Wines, one of the principals of SITE, describes the concept involved as the de-architecturization of the facade and side walls. This has been achieved by extending the brick veneer arbitrarily beyond the logical edge of the roofline, resulting in the appearance of architecture somewhere between construction and demolition. To intensify this ambiguity, a section of the central facade has been fragmented and the waste bricks allowed to spill over the top of the pedestrian canopy "
(Arthur Drexler, 1979, p.10)

Drexler, Arthur: "Introduction" en: "Buildings for Best Products", Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1979, p.10.

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