1969 1984 Aachen Klinikum [Weber Brand & Partners] TECNOMORFISMOS

"This riotous expression, however, has been supported as Real-Tech and Wild-Tech, the truthful extravagance of current, complex technology. Jürgen Kunz, who has worked on one of the longest developing High-Tech schemes, the new Medical faculty Building in Aachen, 1969-1984, speaks of the straightforward expression of how things work -the bolier-suit approach- as preferable to the more elevated or rarefied attitude of others. This building, which looks like an oil refinery on top of public housing, expresses its service towers, ducts, red walkways, structure and glass wall with a matter-of-fact garrulity that is, he claims, popular with the patients and doctors. The results are indeed wild and tough, the kind of honest expression of organization he admires in the work of Hannes Meyer, and one alleviated only by the staccato use of a De Stijl colour range."

JENCKS, Charles. The Battle of High Tech: Great Buildings with Great Faults. En: AD, The Architectural Design, New Directions in Current Architecture, vol58, Nº11/12, 1988. p.20.

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Michel Van dijo...

for moment the Uniklinikum Aachen is under Renovation and modernization
sadly the old look of Building will disappear as old air-condition tubes will be removed
and 1970s inheritor will be replace by 21 century design

here photos of construction and old interior