1979 BEST Products Catalog Showroom [Venturi + Scott-Brown] HIPERGRÁFICA

Y de nuevo Venturi y Scott-Brown, esta vez utilizando todo el frente de un showrrom de los famosos almacenes BEST como si de un gran Wallpaper se tratara...

"This catalog showroom is located in an area of vast parking lots and numerous crossroads surrounding a major shopping mall. It needed a design for the exterior of a standard mass produced building with no windows that would give it a noticeable presence and recognition in its difficult location. Working within the parameters of a steel frame structure with block infill, freestanding in a parking lot, we developed a decorative facade fabricated out of porcelain steel panels. Large abstract red and white flowers were chosen for their obvious appeal to the viewer, while the random “wallpaper” effect of the overall pattern in relation to the panel module and the edges of the building reinforced the two-dimensional graphic scale of the pattern. A standard repeat was used to minimize the screens in fabricating the panels.

The big “sign” on the low building are combined to great effect in this unusual project."

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