Doll's Houses / The Competitive Hypothesis

In 1981, AD's editor, Andreas Papadakis is unable to find the perfect doll's house for his daughter and so announces a competition for architects to design one. When it came to the election of the best designs dissent emerges. Stage one was open and paper-based, from wich 50 finalust were selected. For stage two twenty renowed architects had to be additionally invited to join the celebrity architect would lend some capital to the competition. The final jury consisted of James Gowan, Robert Maxwell, Andreas Papadakis, Bruno Zevi and Vicent Scully but also a parallel jury made up of children. In this section of the exhibition, a series of 10 redrawn postcards illustrates the split results, 5 winners selected by a panel of children and 5 winners selected by a panel of architects.

Arqueología del Futuro ha colaborado junto al gran Daniel Fernández Pascual en el comisariado de una de las secciones de la exposición "The Competitive Hypothesis" denominada "ON ANONYMITY, DECEPTION AND AMBITION" en el Storefront for Art and Architecture [New York] 

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