"Projects must be signed" Archizoom / The Competitive Hypothesis

Photos: Daniel Fernández Pascual

II. On a small shelf, a rubber stamp is placed next to an inkpad. The stamp reads "Projects Must Be Signed". It translates from Italian "I Progetti Si Firmano": the proposal for the international competition for the Università degli Studi in Florence that was presented in 1970 by Archizoom Associati (Andrea Branzi / Gilberto Corretti / Paolo Deganello / Massimo Morozzi). Archizoom's adaptation of the Non-Stop City for the competition in Florence was a statement about autorship. Being realistic about how architecture competitions worked / didn't work (whatever the case may be), they decided to unveil the hypocrisy of anonymity even at risk of disqualification. Rejecting an architecture of bureaucracy they sign their proposal with actual names (as well as surnames and addresses) and title the competition entry so that no doubt might remain as to its provenance.

Arqueología del Futuro ha colaborado junto al gran Daniel Fernández Pascual en el comisariado de una de las secciones de la exposición "The Competitive Hypothesis" denominada "ON ANONYMITY, DECEPTION AND AMBITION" en el Storefront for Art and Architecture [New york] 

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