“A container used to store for posterity a selection of objects or information thought to be representative of life at a particular time”

(Time Capsule, The Oxford English Dictionary, 1989)

1938 New York World’s Fair’s Westinghouse Time Capsule of Cupaloy
 Popular Science, December 1938, p.112. // Popular Mechanics December 1938, p.848.
193X- XXXX Crypt of Civilization
 Popular Science, December 1938, pp.110-111. 

2001 New York Times Time Capsule [Santiago Calatrava]
1994 Space Capsule
 Popular Science, February 1994, p.22.
2004 Genesis Landing Time Capsule 
1964 Install: Mercury monument tablet.

1975 Citizen’s Time Capsule [Ant Farm]

2006 Yahoo Time Capsule
2008 Time Capsule (Apple)
1969 Apollo 11 goodwill messages
2008 Immortality Drive
1970 Time Capsule Osaka’70
1975 Davisson Time Capsule
1974 / 1987 Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules
Comercialización de Cápsulas del Tiempo
Personal Time Capsule
Lista de Time Capsule
1853 Cápsula del Tiempo Madrid