1971 Colonna Sonora / Pirarubio [Studio65] BIZARRE COLUMNS#43

"Colonna sonora is a redesigned doric colum, divided into two hinged parts presented as a container of "glory" i.e. of "nothing".

To the "unfortunate" who tries to open it because curious, it answers with Maria Callas's voice singing the aria Libiamo... Libiamo... Libiam... from the Traviata opera.

This container is proposed by the designers as standard equipment for various occupation armies, to decorate the private apartments of multidecorated Vietman (or Afghanistan) generals.

Piraburo is intended as a redesign in a sprint version of a doric colum on wheels, container of anything, a bit metaproject-metasuper-metanormal."

CHIGGIO, Ennio. Studio 65. Electa. Milán, 1986. pp.84-85.

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