1981 Okamuro House [Toyokazu Watanabe] ALL YOU CAN EAT ARCHITECTURE

"The Okamuro House is a mysterious, not to say, hallucinatory combination of a dome (dropped from the sky) and a suburban house. These two images literally interpenetrate in a way that recalls the overlapping spaces of Baroque and Modernism alike. This typical Post-Modern hybrid has been given an extreme hieratic ordering. There is the split oval, a trompe l'oeil reminiscent at once of Brunelleschi's use of pietra serena and Nervi's isostatic lines of force. Geometry and restrained decoration have unified dualities and made the unlikely combinations appear quite natural" 
(1979, Toyokazu Watanabe)

Jencks, Charles (guest editor): AD Profile nº48 Abstract-Representation, 1983.

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